• Mitch William

Stop the War!

Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine has been met with fierce resistance. Foreign fighters are even being encouraged to join the resistance. The Ukrainian Government has urged anyone wishing to join the fight to go to an embassy to express their interest and seek instructions.

How long is this going to last? Putin won't leave unless he can declare a victory. What will that victory look like? I wonder if Putin can survive this, as Russia is forced into economic meltdown.

This war will do one thing. It will strengthen NATO. Even the Germans are increasing their defence budget. Russia has presented itself as a new threat to the west. Putin has guaranteed EU unity and NATO cohesion through his actions. And not Russia nor China are a match for a strong NATO.

NATO should broaden it's approach. At the moment, there is article 4; 'an armed attack on one is an attack on all'. NATO should expand in it's power by including articles on Trade/Sanctions and Intervention. The alliance should evolve from defensive to global deterrence.

The USA, the EU and CANZUK as NATO working coherently on Foreign Affairs and Defence should be the future of the alliance. And at this moment, I would support a no fly zone over Ukraine. Weather than can be negotiated or imposed by force. We must help Ukraine and deter Russia.

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