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  • Mitch William

A quiet day in London...

When Far-Left protesters descend onto the streets. Why is it, that the mainstream media champion their cause, but fail to mention their flaws?

As we all know, BLM want to eradicate the police, our system and heritage.

However, if you mention that on mainstream media, you'll be hounded and branded racist.

What's going on?

The mainstream media need flushed down the toilet!

Every time a patriot rears his or her head above the parapet, they're branded far right and dangerous. There's no patriots ripping down statues and demanding the abolition of the police.

Yet, the Police are moving veterans away from the cenotaph, the same the cenotaph they failed to protect.

Why is it, that if you're proud to be British and attend a march in response to an assault on your heritage, you're immediately associated with a hate group or the far right.

Yet, if your far left, you're simply called an activist?

The people protecting monuments today, would not be there, if the mob had been crushed by law and order last week. Instead of being crushed, they wrecked havoc, so now the people have felt the need to stand up!

The left are the true fascists. They take unilateral decisions, and then try to impose them on the nation, without consulting democracy.

That's never highlighted in the mainstream media. What's highlighted, is their hollow cause and how we as a nation, may need to adapt to accommodate a minority mob mentality.

Enough is enough!

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