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  • Mitch William

Stealth Remain?

The Ardent Closet Brexiteer Corbyn, now leads a party with the intention of campaigning for a 2nd referendum. If their Brexit demands aren't met and there's no prospect of an early General Election.

The Labour Party, has put 2 barriers in front of them becoming the party of remain. These barriers can easily be manoeuvred, its just a matter of time, a very short period of time!

My guess is, either during the European Election Campaign or as the dust settles from it!

The Labour Party will become the Party of REMAIN and Parliament will vote for a 2nd Referendum?

The European Elections is a test of Democracy, the final straw in the BREXIT struggle. The outcome will dictate the future of BREXIT.

Vote The Brexit Party for LEAVE & Vote Labour for REMAIN!

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