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  • Mitch William

A Full British Brexit

Scotland can't have a separate Scottish Immigration System. The SNP are playing, the poor wee Scotland needs immigrants to prosper card. But, a separate immigration policy would mean reinstating Hadrian's Wall.

It's an unworkable policy, that the SNP are approaching with somber. So when it's quite sensibly rejected, they can pull the Big Bad Westminster Card, Indy Now, blah blah etc!

Imagine Scotland was independent, a border being erected. Imagine Scotland, joining the EU. It would be a terrible state of affairs to be in. Scotland would become chief puppet of Brussels whilst turning it's back on a 300 year old Union!

The UK is the 2nd largest contributor to NATO, it has a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, It's part of the G7 and is the Senior Member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The UK is a Global Power!

The prospect of becoming a Free Trading Powerhouse is real. Free Trade with the USA, China, India, the EU and the Pacific Partnership is all in the pipeline.

CANZUK has also caught on. We don't want a replica of the EU. We want an Alliance between 4 Nations which would bolster each nation from Regional Powerhouse to Global Powerhouse!

Nationalist supporters, should bide their time and embrace the opportunities BREXIT presents. The future will inevitably kill the SNP's manipulation game!

Imagine being stuck in the EU and missing out on the world?

I don't agree with the prospect of IndyRef2. However, if the timing was right and the UK was making a success of BREXIT, it could finish the SNP once and for all!

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