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  • Mitch William

SNP: Scandalous National Party

Former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, is due to go on trial, March 9th, he's charged with 14 sexual offences. Spanning the years 2008 to 2014.

And today, Derek Mackay, the Scottish Finance Minister Resigns, just hours before the Scottish Budget.

His scandal?

Pestering a 16 year old boy via Facebook. Offering Dinners and Rugby tickets, what a dirty old man.

Yesterday, the SNP held a protest in Westminster. Holding placards saying:

"Speak No EVEL" ... "See No EVEL" ... "Hear No EVEL"

EVEL = English Votes For English Laws!

A vote was taking place on the English NHS, as most of us know, the NHS is a devolved matter. Therefor, the running of the NHS is dealt with via the devolved administrations.

In Westminster, when its an English Only Matter, it's English Votes For English laws, which is entirely reasonable.

If the MP from Dover, can't vote on the Scottish NHS, why should an MP from Glasgow, get to vote on the English NHS?

The SNP manufactured this stunt, to make it look as if they were being persecuted, by the Big Bad Westminster Demon.

Why would they do this?

Because, they're well aware, that most of their supporters and the wider public, don't really understand the system and how it all works. Therefor, it's more than likely, they'll take the bait and jump on the bandwagon!

The question is, can anything BREAK the Scandalous Nationalists?

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