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  • Mitch William

Sick of BREXIT? Its Not OVER YET!

Jo Johnson, the dear brother of Boris Johnson has resigned his cabinet position!

Jo Jo & Bo Jo are polar opposites in the BREXIT debate. However, they share a disdain toward the state of the negotiation and the path it may lead Britain down!

Jo Jo the REMAIN voter has called for a 2nd referendum... He has indeed respected the result of 2016. But, has stood his ground and resigned due to what he see's as a pointless restrictive deal in the making!

Any deal that restricts UK sovereignty and forces the British to follow EU rules

is unacceptable!

Such a surrender would render the UK a colony of the European Union!

No deal is better than a bad deal! Saying that, the BREXIT Secretary never fully understood the importance of the Dover Port until yesterday. Seriously, where do they find these swine in suits and how can we trust them to lead us onto the world stage?

I wouldn't follow them to Tesco!

Apart from Arlene Foster, she is the real deal. But, the DUP are also feeling betrayed by the May Bot!

So, its likely they won't support her surrender. Remainers and Leavers are largely united against the surrender at Chequers too!

It's highly likely the deal will get voted down. Meaning, no deal or a 2nd referendum!

Theresa May must listen to her troops and the electorate, a good leader always listens.

Maybe she has BREXITED her panties and is incapable?

We need a vote of confidence in the old embarrassment that she is! BO JO, get on with it!

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