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  • Mitch William

Should China Pay Compensation?

The world is still in the grip of the pandemic. Wave after wave, variant after variant. The vaccine rollout has been hard and fast but there not 100% effective.

This virus is here to stay, we can't get rid of it. I suppose, it will be the new flu. Vaccines will improve over time and hopefully we can all get back to normal.

Personally, I'm aiming off for May 2022, that's when I think we will start to see a real back to normal change, anything before that, may be too soon.

The origin of this nightmare, was China. However, China appear's to have dealt with it very efficiently. Makes one wonder the actual source and cause.

China should pay compensation for global damages, or waive any debt countries have borrowed. Failure to recognise their part in the unleashing of this virus is unacceptable.

If they don't offer. It's simple, boycott CHINA. Chinas wealth is reliant on the Global consumer. The entire world is unhappy, a gesture of goodwill could turn the tide of public opinion.

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