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  • Mitch William

Parliament VS Democracy

The British public voted to LEAVE the European Union, June 23rd 2016. Throughout the campaign, the REMAIN side and the Government continually warned, that leaving, would mean, leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and Withdrawing from all EU institutions.

Now, the REMAIN side tell us, that we did not know what we were voting for, we need a peoples vote and that a hard BREXIT would be a catastrophe.

The LEAVE Campaign fought for a HARD BREXIT and the REMAIN Campaign WARNED AGAINST it!

Boris Johnson, wants the Back Stop SCRAPPED before he enters negotiations, quite rightly in my view. The current deal renders the UK a COLONY and RISKS the Union.

The EU will be to blame, if there is a hard BREXIT!

Parliament, will do all it can to oust Johnson and head for a soft BREXIT or NO BREXIT, as Parliament is by default, overwhelmingly REMAIN.

Parliament, is actively fighting against the will of the people. If this was happening abroad, Parliament would be condemning and preparing for War!

Parliament is not above the democratic choice of the people. The Armed Forces should call MARTIAL LAW on Parliament as it is now, for the most part, disrespecting democracy and the people. Parliament, is there to serve the people and obey the will of the people, anything less and they should be treated like the criminals that they are!

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