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  • Mitch William

Scrap The BBC License Fee!

The BBC License fee, is set to rise by £3 this April. £3 isn't exactly bank breaking. However, animosity towards the fee has been growing steadily over the years.

In the BREXIT era, more and more people feel unrepresented by the corporation and have turned against it due to alleged bias in reporting.

In an age where subscription services are slowly dominating the media market, can it be justified to force consumers to purchase a service? In essence, the British people are forced to pay for a service whether they want it or not.

Failure to pay for the service could result in criminal proceedings.

People subscribe willingly to Sky, Virgin Media and Netflix. Whilst others don't bother and are happy with a simple Freeview package.

The License fee is a tax and it's about as popular as the Poll Tax.

Conversations must be had, about the future of the BBC's funding, a plan should be set in motion and a transition away from the fee should follow.

ITV and Channel 4 seem to do just fine in the commercial world, it's time the BBC stood on it's own 2 feet.

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