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  • Mitch William

Scrap The BBC License Fee!

The popular opinion is to be rid of the BBC License Fee. Very few people, believe it's a fair system. A system that forces every house holder in the UK to pay a fee, for a service, whether they want it or not.

Failure to pay, could result in a criminal record!

Sky, Virgin and Netflix, to name only a few, can't force people to subscribe to their services. But, people do it, out of choice and the power of choice is what makes us a democracy!

The general feeling of the BBC, is that it's biased and it's purpose is to mould our minds to the will of the Government.

Brain Washing By License Fee?

The people have lost confidence in the service and resent the forced fee, its time for change, its time to level the broadcasting playing field!

The BBC should be given time to alter its fundraising initiatives, followed by the abolition of the mandatory annual payment. There should be a clock ticking throughout this process.

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