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  • Mitch William


Why are the Russians testing our air defences so often?

For all those people who think that we are safe living on our cozy island, think again! RAF Typhoons have been scrambled 3 times in the past 6 days. There were fisherman diving for cover as they broke the sound barrier above Scotland.

I'm a fan of NATO and the 5 Eyes. But, when it comes to territorial defence, I don't think it should be outsourced.

The United Kingdom must maintain and where possible expand it's air defence capability.

The British Government should ponder bringing back some credible air offence. Yes, the RAF has tactical bombers. But, it lacks strategic bombers.

The UK should have a full compliment of military assets, so it is capable of projecting power as and when required and more importantly, being capable of defending our island against any and all aggressors standing alone if necessary.

Each and every defence review in my life time, has been about cuts. That must change, Global Britain should be aiming to punch above its weight in every way shape or form.

I am a fan of NATO and the 5 Eyes. But, the UK must retain the right to act independently and in order to do that, there needs to be sufficient and effective military spending!

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