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  • Mitch William

Scottish Visa's?

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

The NAT's are now advocating "Scotland only VISA'S"

Immigration is a reserved issue therefor the power is held with central Government in Westminster.

The NAT's are trying to claw Independence gradually with no IndyRef2 just a constant belligerent attempt at gaining it through default.

The NAT's simply cannot accept the fact they lost the referendum and its time to move on.

I voted BREXIT, if my side had lost I would have then changed my approach to campaign for reform of the EU however futile that may sound.

Scotland only visa's, its utter madness...people would probably use it as a means to get in to London, who would stop them?


Is that it... are the NAT's angling for an eventual border with England, this would explain the pursuit of these horrendous divisive policies.

Scotland is suffering as the NAT's have only one goal, its not Health, its not's Independence and not even real Independence!

Plastic Indy!

They want to get one over on the English and sell Scotland to the European Union!

At least within the UK, Scots have a substantial voice, there are many key Scottish Politicians who you probably don't even know are Scottish.

Scotland would be approx 2% of the EU population, we would only get 6 MEPs out of over 700...

Independence or swallowed whole?

I reject this policy idea...

I reject Independence...

I want Scotland's NHS to be a world leader and I want our Schools back at the top of the league tables...

Sadly, all we here is why we should be independent and how its Westminster's fault...

Please NAT's, do your job... STOP running us into the ground!!!

Mitch William...


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