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Scottish Visa Plan

The SNP are a painful bunch. They're getting ready to unveil their plans for a Scottish Visa Scheme Post BREXIT. This scheme would be unworkable within the UK and they know it.

They want to appear, as the good compassionate side, whilst portraying Westminster as the tyrant. However, they fail to recognise, that Scotland is also weary of high immigration.

After listening to Sturgeons speech, it almost sounds as if she wants to replace the Scots with everyone and anyone who will come which will inevitably destroy Scottish culture and customs.

Due to the % of votes at the last election, they probably fear another IndyRef. Because, if they lost it, their case would be shattered for a life time.

Instead, they appear to be trying to strip powers back from Westminster, piece by piece. Possibly in the hope of gaining indy by default over time.

It's time the SNP kept the promise of respecting the "once in a generation" referendum result that took place in 2014.

If they try to take Scotland out of the UK and into the EU, carnage will ensue.

It's time, they stopped the NeverEndum and started working in conjunction with Westminster for the good of all the UK!

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