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  • Mitch William

SCOTTISH POLITICS: Need's Radical Thought

Sturgeon is not ruling out the prospect of a consultative referendum due to Westminster's opposition to IndyRef2. However, cracks are starting to appear in the Nationalist ranks. It's looking ever more likely, that a strategic split could occur in the not to distant future.

The 2014 IndyRef, saw an 84.6% turnout, the highest turnout, in a UK election since 1910. 55% of Scots voted to be British. The 2016 EUref, saw a Scottish turnout of 67%, in which 62% of Scots voted to Remain.

62% of 67% is not Decisive, 55% of 84.6% is Decisive!

The SNP currently hold 62 Holyrood seats. The remaining 65 seats are held by the Conservatives (31), Labour (23), The Greens (6), The Liberal Democrats (5) and Independents (2).

Technically, the SNP preside over a minority administration, topped up by the Green Party.

The problem with the Unionist vote, is that it's split between, Cons, Lab and Lib's. The allegiance to old party loyalties is becoming detrimental to the overall Unionist movement.

The Nationalists have a strong leader and a formidable PR Machine!

The Unionists are split and they're loosing confidence in the parties of old. These parties come with baggage, which allows the SNP to easily and effectively attack them.

The future of the United Kingdom as we know it, may well rest on radical change!

The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, should withdraw from Scotland, leaving the door open for a New Centrist Unionist Movement, with a Strong Leader and a Single Message.

Only radical thinking, such as this, can truly counter the Nationalist Threat to the United Kingdom.

The clock is ticking, the 2021 Holyrood elections will soon come around. Scotland need's a new unopposed Unionist Movement to counter the Nationalist Campaign!

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