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Scottish Indy: Why we should say NO!

Scotland 2014, the people were given a choice, break away from the United Kingdom or stay apart of it. The Scots opted for the latter, they chose to remain apart of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The turnout was 84.6%, with 55% opting to stay within the realm of the United Kingdom. The Scots were told, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, only 7 years on, the SNP want to disregard that once in a lifetime democratic decision. They want to over turn the will of the Scots, they never stopped campaigning on a platform of division and deceit.

BREXIT appears to have emboldened the nationalist cause. However, in Scotland the turnout for the EU referendum was only 68% with a majority for remain at 62%. I'm not a mathematician, but 62% of 68% is not a majority of the Scottish electorate, it's merely a majority of the people who bothered to vote.

Boris Johnson, has rightly stated that this is not the time for referendums, due to covid and the fact it's only been a mere 7 years since the last time this question was asked.

More recently, Councillor Chris McEleny, thinks that if a Section 30 Order is not actioned by the 31st of March and if there is a Pro Indy Majority returned to the Scottish Parliament in May 2021, that the SNP should ignore Westminster and that Holyrood should sanction it's own referendum without the consent of the UK Government.

Now, are these people stupid or is it there aim to cause unrest in Scotland? First thing they need to understand is, that not all SNP voting Scots want Indy. A large number of Scots vote SNP as a protest vote, because they think that the SNP has their best interests at heart. That chain of thought must and will eventually be broken.

The United Kingdom has an exciting future ahead. It has approx 50 trade deals secured, a less than perfect EU-UK Deal (that can and will evolve), the prospect of Trans Pacific Membership, CANZUK, the world really is in Britain's sights.

The UK is the 2nd most powerful member of NATO, maintains a permanent seat at the UN, is the senior member of the Commonwealth of Nations, is apart of the Five Eyes Alliance.

The SNP vision of an independent Scotland is EU membership. Therefor, not independence, Scotland would be awarded between 6 and 12 MEP's in a Parliament of over 700. Scotland would be forced in to a realm of obscurity and irrelevance taking orders from the new Franco - German Empire.

It's not time for Indy, it's not time for division, it's time to look forward to the future as Global Britain!

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