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  • Mitch William

Scottish Independence would be Horrible!

Please don't think that I see the UK as being perfect. I do believe we are one of the worlds leading nations. However, we still need to be better. There is always room for reform and progression.

That said, imagine a Great Britain with a hard border between Scotland and England. Imagine an independent Scotland where 44.6% of adults receive benefits.

In 2014, the SNP based their indy economics on north sea oil revenue, and now Sturgeon is saying it must be replaced at 'pace'. Is there a new economic plan?

If Scotland found itself independent, it would automatically leave NATO and the 5 Eyes Alliance. These 2 Alliances are the pinnacle of our security.

The only hope the nationalists have is EU membership. But, would Scotland even get in?

What would be the sense in Scotland leaving a great power, in which it plays a major role to join a sporadic sprawling supranational union that never really seem to agree on anything.

If Scotland did become independent and then gave it up to join the Franco_German Empire (EU), Scotland's voice would be lost in translation (possibly forever). The EU forced Ireland to vote again when the Irish public gave the wrong answer on the Lisbon Treaty. How would Scotland's future be any different?

Scottish separation is a horrible thought... It would leave Scotland defenceless, cause economic turmoil and unrest. If the nationalists managed to get Scotland in to the EU (doubtful), on the promise that membership would solve all Scottish troubles, a future of servitude awaits (for whats left of the bonny land).

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