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  • Mitch William

Scottish Independence

For the first time, a poll has shown that Scottish Independence is likely. How did a 300 year old Union get to this stage?

Since the NO vote of 2014, the SNP became more aggressive in their campaign, having never accepted the will of the Scottish people. Personally, I think that's cheating.

They should have changed course and accepted the outcome. But, they didn't, all to the detriment of Scotland.

Would you like a Government, who ignores democratic decisions? Where would we be, if those in power saw their vision as superior to the populous?

Well, that's happening in Scotland right now.

If Scotland were to be separated from the United Kingdom, it would effectively be giving our biggest trading partner a kick, right where it hurts.

Scotland would be out of NATO, it wouldn't have a defence, a currency, or a central bank.

Scotland would be cut off from the world and economic doom would proceed. We'd be easy pickings for countries like Russia and China. What would we do? Join the European Union...

I would at least have some respect for the SNP, if they were real nationalists, but their hollow, they want to swap Westminster for Brussels.

I think, that the UK is in need of major constitutional reforms, a new collaborative approach to the United Kingdom is needed if it's going to survive the next century!

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