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Scots - Tax Disaster

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

The ScotNats made it clear... Scottish workers will now pay more tax.

More than their English, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts throughout the United Kingdom.

A supposed promise to freeze the Basic Rate of Tax was ignored and plans steamed ahead. The changes will take effect from April 2018 - a new “intermediate rate” of 21p will apply to people earning £24.000 and above.

At least the ScotNats saw sense and didn’t just hammer the rich, instead they decided to totally hammer anyone and everyone earning over £24.000 a year.

So hopefully the wealthy won’t flee Scotland for “New Edinburgh” Ummm,

Berwick upon Tweed...

Originally the plans were only meant to affect those earning in excess of £33.000 per annum, but there was a slight change in heart.

The Higher Rate of Tax will jump from 40p to 41p and 45p to 46p.

When this goes wrong, the ScotNats certainly cannot blame Westminster especially after the generous UK budget which accommodated Scotland nicely.

That in mind, why is there a need for a Tax rise in Bonny Scotland and not UK wide?

Roll on 2021…

Mitch William...


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