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Updated: Jan 17, 2018

The ScotNats want us to remain a member of the Single Market and the Customs Union, thus following all the EU rules and regulations with no say and no representation.

A bit like being a colony…

We would also be unable to forge new trading partnerships around the world as we would be trapped under the EU banner.

Scotland cannot remain a member of the Single market whilst the rest of the UK leaves, this would certainly cause the fragmentation of the UK, of course this is the ScotNats end game.

The ScotNats don't seem to care for democracy, they are more than willing to disregard the 2014 vote on Independence and don’t seem to understand that the BREXIT vote was UK wide.

They are however, very good at manipulating the people of Scotland.

2014, £48.5 Billion of Scottish trade was with the rest of the UK, 11.6 Billion was with the EU and 15.2 Billion was with the rest of the world.

Who is Scotland’s most important trading partner?

EU trade is smaller than the rest of the world, but the ScotNats will manipulate people into believing the EU is the pillar of the economy.

It’s not…

The EU trade will remain…Deal or no Deal, with a Free Trade Agreement and even with leaving the colonising single market.

It’s about Independence.

But Plastic – Indy, not real Indy, I would have respect for the ScotNats if they endeavoured to achieve real Independence.

All they want is to get one over on the English and sell Scotland off too Germany…

Scotland currently has 59 MP’s at Westminster and arguably the most powerful devolved administration in the world.

We only have 6 MEP’s in Brussels…

The UK voted to leave the EU because the UK felt powerless to reform it, what are 6 MEP’s from Bonny Scotland going to do?


Scotland is an integral part of the UK machine.

The sooner Holyrood starts working in-conjunction with Westminster...rather than against Westminster, the better...the sooner the ScotNats start running Scotland rather than a Neverendum, the better.

Perhaps the Blame Westminster Card is up, especially after the Budget.

Mitch William...


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