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  • Mitch William

Scotland: Indy ref 2 + 1

John Major, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A man, I share little vision with has said something so striking, that I could be swayed into agreement.

John Major:

"The Westminster government could agree for an independence referendum to take place, on the basis of two referenda. The first to vote upon the principle of negotiations, and the second upon the outcome of them. The purpose of the second referendum would be that Scottish electors would know what they were voting for, and be able to compare it to what they now have".

The Scottish National Party has never ceased their independence campaign. They decisively lost the argument in 2014. However, with BREXIT and now COVID, it has given them a renewed momentum.

May 2021, the Scottish parliamentary elections will be taking place. If the SNP secure a majority, it will be difficult for Westminster to ignore calls for a 2nd referendum on separation.

My personal view, is that it should have been a once and a life time decision, and to be honest, even that seems a bit much. That said, ignoring the call and allowing one's self to be portrayed as an oppressor may have an adverse affect on polling and could actually play right into the Nationalist hands.

Now, I find myself seeing sense in some of what John Major is saying. It goes' against my belief's. But, in reality, one must find pragmatism.

Once the Scots fully understand the implications of separation, they'll see it for it is, they'll see through the SNP propaganda machine, and it will spell the end of the divisive nationalist age of Scottish Politics!

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