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  • Mitch William

Save the TROOPS!

Real BREXIT is only months away. The UK is ready to step out in to the world as an independent nation with a global vision. At a time like this, we should be looking to enhance our Armed Forces capability, not deplete it!

The UK Government may propose a huge cut to Britain's conventional war machine in favour of cyber warfare capabilities.

I would argue, that we need both and that we should be directing funds away from the Foreign Aid Budget and enhancing all aspect's of the British Armed Forces.

Up to 20,000 troops could be let go, while airfields are closed and helicopters are taken out of service. The Royal Marines commando brigade may also be disbanded and Royal Navy minesweepers could also be axed.

Apparently, there are proposals to massively scale back the Army, RAF and NAVY in favour of cyber warfare. I understand, that Cyber warfare is an evolving threat and is a very pertinent of the modern world.

But, an Armed Forces devoid of Aircraft, Ships and Manpower is madness! The prospect of axing 3 Commando Brigade would seriously impede the UK's ability to project power.

However, with these proposals, the UK would have no power to project.

In my view, we should be enlarging the Armed Forces conventional capability as well as the cyber capabilities. Foreign aid should be slashed and the funds directed to the military.

If we cannot deploy on operations, the UK will be relegated from Great Power to Medium/Regional Power, to me, that's unacceptable.

Keeping up with the superpowers is very near impossible. But, doing our upmost to be a valuable ally and being able to stand our ground is essential.

Russian GDP is 1.658 trillion (USD) and they maintain an Armed Forces of 900,000. UK GDP is 2.855 trillion (USD) and we can only manage to maintain an Armed Forces of 149,000 with massive cuts in the pipeline, some things not quite right there!

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