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  • Mitch William


Black Lives Matter, are left wing extremists, who are hiding behind the guise of anti-racism. This suits them, because if you challenge them, you'll immediately be branded a big bad racist!

They're anti-establishment, anti-police and anti-capitalism. In my view, they will only cause lasting damage and division.

It's unfortunate, what appears to be a vast amount of their supporters, do not actually understand or are aware of their objectives. However, they rally for what they see as a good cause, not knowing that they're supporting anarchy.

As well as being anti-almost everything western society has to offer, they wish to pull down up to 60 monuments throughout the UK.

They started with Edward Colston's statue in Bristol. Now they have their eyes on Drake, Rhodes and many more.

I fully understand that these historical figures were involved with slaves. But, they were products of their time and achieved great things, as well as some things, that would not be accepted as the norm of today.

We can't rip down history and forget it, for all their flaws, they must stay. But, we must teach their flaws as well as their glory. That way we gain an understanding of the past, learn from it and also understand that, where some people may go wrong, they can also do good.

We should not be kneeling for a far left group using anti-racism as a cover for their anarchist agenda. We should be educating everyone on the past and understanding that, the past shaped the tolerant nation we see today.


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