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  • Mitch William

Save our Armed Forces

The Government is conducting an "Integrated Security and Defence Review". This usually means cut backs for the Armed Forces.

The speculation is, that Tanks are for the chop.

Tanks are an integral part of the ground fighting machine. They can be used for conventional and counter insurgency op's. They can operate in weather conditions that Apache Gunships cannot.

They're a valuable invasion asset, a ground holding asset and an Infantry support asset.

Why an earth, would Politicians think of axing them from the UK war machine?

Brexit Britain should focus on maintaining a tier one military force. The superpowers are investing heavily in armour and for good reason!

We should at least maintain our fleet and upgrade where necessary.

The UK could and should have a full spectrum of military capabilities, the need for this is now, if we keep scrimping on capabilities, they may be lost forever.

The decline of military expenditure must be reversed or the UK will face a future of irrelevance.

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