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  • Mitch William

Restricted Access Speech!

Freedom of speech is a qualified right? However, it can be restricted! Freedom of Speech isn't absolute! Therefor, we don't actually have, REAL Freedom of Speech in the UK!

We have "Restricted Access Speech!"

Hate Speech law's, which are vague and based on perception are killing debate. They seem to be designed in a manner where they can be used on a whim to kill off the most pertinent controversy's.

Silencing people is utter madness, we need to know what all side's are thinking. Thus, reducing the threat they pose and enabling healthy debate to run it's course.

People should never be prosecuted because an individual PERCEIVED what they said to be offensive. Perception should never trump intent and sometimes the truth hurts?

Anyone can be offended! But, we can't criminalize opinions! Criticism must be absolute!

Is there a 2 tier system?

It would seem non-white, non-christian's get off with a lot more than the majority. Hate Speech works both way's! The majority are at risk of persecution! Due to the offended minority and the misuse of Orwellian laws that are designed to fizzle out opinions!

How long can we shelter the offended before it blows up?

Mitch William...

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