• Mitch William

Resign, Treason May!

Treason May might have a majority of 83 and survived her vote of confidence. But, deferring the vote on her dead deal was nothing more than a defeat!

The vote is to be deferred to no later than January the 21st!

But, the EU won't budge. Therefore, nothing in the deal will be changing. Why is this woman still the Prime Minister?

The Queen should send the Household Cavalry to arrest the MP's who voted for confidence in the wretched lady #FarFromTheIronLady

The country needs a fresh face, a new direction. Not a would be dictator, who's constantly snaking around, trying to force her will upon us!

The deal is treason and the prospect of a 2nd referendum is an assault on democracy...

Its too late for soundbites and slick speeches!

Please, Mrs May, resign your post. Make way for a real Leader, so the country can prepare for WTO terms and emerge from the chaos with broader shoulders!

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