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  • Mitch William

Remain, must be an option?

A 2nd vote looks more likely by the hour. What will the question be? Will there be 3 options? Tick Tock time is running out! Little chance of a General Election?

A Corbyn Government would be more catastrophic than a Nuclear War!

However, Labour appear to be leading the Charge for the Peoples Vote! The shadow BREXIT secretary called for a 2nd referendum. Stating REMAIN could be an option!

Corbyn, the closet Brexiteer?

Only since he took the helm! He insist's, he will follow the democratic decisions made by the party conference. But, the Labour Party are just as divided on BREXIT as the Tories are along with the rest of the country!

It's easy peasy to nit-pick at the real decision makers without any responsibility. Imagine a Corbyn Government, where everyone expect's everything for free?

Albeit, the Tory Deal is looking bleak. Parliament will vote it down in a last ditch attempt to REMAIN!

And the only thing that's ever unified Brexiteers, Remainers and the European Union is their despair for May's Chequer's plan!

One has to ask, what is going on?

Why is the Government and the Opposition utterly useless at their job? We are heading for a no deal. Is it being orchestrated in order to force a No Deal/Remain Vote? Which ever side you're on, 6 months to go, the home straight, this is where the battle really begins!

Mitch William...

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