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  • Mitch William

REFUGEES: On The March

Refugees are on the march toward Europe. Turkey, was supposed to contain the influx within its borders. But, has turned its back on a deal made with the EU, due to "not receiving" enough support.

I hope the Greek borders are as tough as their rhetoric. The refugees first stop, Lesbos.

The Syrian war is dragging on and on. The Turkish made matters worse by deploying troops to face the Kurds. The Americans withdrew and the Russians are backing Assad.

Being displaced must be terrible. But fleeing won't fix anything! Turkey is the natural destination for Syrian refugees. Turkey is Muslim and so are they.

Culturally, we are polar opposites. Is Turkey trying to cause long term mayhem in Europe?

After Merkel's decision to allow up to a million refugees enter Germany and the EU. The European public decided enough was enough.

Europe doesn't want or need anymore refugees!

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