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  • Mitch William

Reform will Cement Supremacy

NATO must recalculate it's structure in the face of Russian aggression and the rise of China. 100% unity and cohesion is required if the USA and the alliance is to remain at the forefront of the Global Debate.

  • Permanent Foreign Policy.

  • Permanent Defence Policy.

  • Sanctions Article to protect any member coming under financial exploitation.

  • A Dispute Council to regulate member grievances.

  • Strict rules based on membership and a legal mechanism to abandon serial rule breakers.

  • Free Trade

Membership should be opened up to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Article 5 will need to be re-written to cover these nations in mutual defence.

NATO should be organised into 5 forces:

  • USA

  • EU

  • CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK)

  • Japan

  • Turkey (I'd prefer they were not a member, but it is how it is)

Thus meaning the NATO council would only consist of 5 delegations rather than over 30.

NATO is powerful. But, permanent cohesion is a necessity if the US and her allies want to rule the future. If it sounds like I'm in favour of a new Empire, that's because I am, that's because it's the only way to ensure supremacy for the foreseeable future.


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