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Reform UK

Farage is back with Reform UK. He was the biggest factor in BREXIT and now, he takes aim at the nationalists! Today, Reform UK Scotland was launched via a digital press conference.

The Unionist parties of Scotland are feeble in their opposition toward the SNP.

George Galloway was the first to understand this and take action with the Alliance4Unity.

Now, we have Reform UK Scotland, led by Michelle Ballantyne, ex - Conservative leadership hopeful and current Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Things are looking up for Scotland, we now have two Unionist outfits that mean business. UKIP's David Coburn earned 10.4% of the vote at the Euro elections in 2014 and Louis Stedman - Bryce achieved 14.7% of the vote in 2019 for The Brexit Party coming in 2nd overall.

What do these two men have in common, they got elected under the banner of Farage. People were not voting for Coburn or Stedman - Bryce, the deal was already sealed, people voted for Nigel Farage.

Thus meaning, Mr Farage has support in Scotland. The support only fell away when it became apparent that past Scottish leaders were incoherent and incompetent.

The SNP are currently a minority administration, topped up by the Green Party. If George Galloway and his Alliance4Unity target the Green vote and Reform UK target the million people whom voted BREXIT and attempt to steal away SNP points, this could help keep the SNP at a minority and wipe out their support element (the greens).

The battle lines are drawn, Scottish Election 2021 is going to be an earth shattering event!

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