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  • Mitch William

REFERENDUMS: Once in a life time?

1975, the United Kingdom voted to remain in the European Economic Community. 2016, the UK voted to LEAVE the European Union. Also, in 2014 Scotland voted to remain as a constituent country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Should referenda be once in a life time?

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP never halted their campaign for independence. They constantly undermine Westminster and flip flop issues to suit themselves and spin it as Westminster being the big bad bully. Most recently, they voted against the UK-EU deal, after 4 years of explaining to everyone how NO DEAL would be catastrophic.

BREXIT should be a time of anxious excitement. Not used as a campaign tool to destroy a nation. The UK has secured 58 trade deals so far and is still in the process of negotiating more. The prospect of Trans-Pacific Partnership membership is also very real.

The benefits of BREXIT must be pushed. If Scotland became independent, it would not have the tools to broker anything. It would try to join the EU and then allow the EU to lead it's global direction. That's hardly independence, people need to understand that EU membership is not independence, the EU is a UNION of nations.

We were told, the Scottish Referendum was a once in a life time opportunity. We were lied to by the SNP, and everyday since then, they have been lying to us. If the SNP wanted complete neutrality and actual independence, I would have respect for them. But, they don't, they just want to shatter a nation by any means necessary.

Scotland needs a unified unionist voice, with a strong positive case for the United Kingdom, if not, Scotland could fall!

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