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Reality Check Brexit 3.0

The main ingredients of the European Union are the Single Market, the Customs Union, European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

Although, these 4 organisations appear to be separate. They are integral working parts of the European Union.

If the UK chose to keep them all, we would follow all the EU rules with no representation. We would become a colony or a satellite nation.

That's the worst DEAL for BREXIT!

We'd be better of REMAINING!

If the UK stays in the Single Market or the Customs Union, there would be no visible change with the exception of the exemption of all UK representation in Brussels!

The UK needs a bilateral trade deal with the EU, nothing more, nothing less or... just REMAIN!

The prospect of a 2nd referendum persistently crops up with both sides peddling misinformation for their manipulation games.

Will there be another vote?

What will the new question be... New Deal or Remain?

One thing is certain, the UK needs a clean break or this whole pantomime was a waste of taxpayers money!

Mitch William...


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