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  • Mitch William

Reality Check BREXIT 2.0

Apparently, in 15 years with a good deal from the EU, UK economic growth will be 5% lower.

If the UK were to remain in the Single Market the damage would be less at only 2%.

If we crash out of the EU without a deal it is predicted UK economic growth will fall by a staggering 8%.

Do we actually believe these civil servant predictions...Can you remember all the scare stories that were predicted in the months and weeks leading up to the EUref that never came to fruition?

Do they have a crystal ball?

In this study one wonders if they took in to account the EU's shrinking share of global trade and that the UK will be embarking upon trade deals with heavy weights such as the USA, China and India...all of which the EU has been unable to achieve.

One size doesn't fit all, hence we have BREXIT!

People must stop EU - ing the UK to death, there is a big enough world out there and that world wants to trade with the UK!

It is repugnant that some colourful Scottish politicians refer to themselves as Unionists...But, European Unionists...They would prefer to be ruled by the EU commission over Westminster, yet we still elect these fruit bats!

Send them to the tower...

The ScotNats want to REMAIN a member of the EU and are anxious about the fact that the Scottish people don’t seem to be shifting toward Indy because of BREXIT.

Perhaps that's because the Scots are smart and fully understand EU membership is not independence, it would appear the ScotNats are attracted to becoming global statesman while leaving the EU to overtake by stealth.

BREXIT is a gift to the ScotNats... While they raise tax to the highest levels in the UK and give no guarantee about the future of council tax ...

Meanwhile, everybody is arguing over BREXIT and nobody really seems to notice how bad they are at the day job and don't forget... They are topped up by those Wee MeanGreenies!

The ScotNats are hammering the UK Government, hell-bent on Single Market membership,

Essentially a soft BREXIT, which would mean:

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Commission.

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Courts of Justice and Human Rights.

  • Free Movement of Capitol, goods, services and people (The 4 freedoms of the Single Market).

  • Adhering to EU rules, directives and regulations, with no voice.

If this were to be the overall outcome by March 2019, the referendum would have been pointless, in theory the UK would have only withdrawn its presence and representation from EU institutions and would still follow exactly the same rules with no seat at any table, sounds a bit pointless...

Sounds a little like being a colony?

No Taxation Without Representation..

If the UK were to remain in the single market, the UK would be diplomatically worse off and the EUref would have been a complete waste of time, we would actually be better off staying in!

People these days are wiser and can see through the folly of spin!!!

Mitch William...


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