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Reality Check BREXIT...

Updated: May 22, 2018

The referendum, 23 June 2016, article 50 invoked, 29 March 2017.

Its nearly Christmas, what deal have you asked Santa for? No Deal? Soft BREXIT? or Hard BREXIT?

I'd prefer to opt for a Full British BREXIT with square sausage and broon sauce...

The route of soft BREXIT can be particularly scary, imagine Brussels having power over the UK, but the UK has No MEP's, No Commissioner, No seat at any table at all!

Only an Embassy in Brussels.

Does soft BREXIT mean the once Mighty British Empire will now fall under the EU and become a satellite or dare say it...a colony?

A soft BREXIT would entail staying in the single market with no cherry picking.

This means:

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Commission.

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Courts of Justice and Human Rights.

  • Free Movement of Capitol, goods, services and people (The 4 freedoms of the Single Market).

  • Adhering to EU rules, directives and regulations, with no voice.

If a Soft BREXIT were to occur, one must ask what was the point?

We would be in a far worse position, we would retain all the policies and institutions we voted to leave, but the icing on the cake is... we would have No Say, No Voice and No Representation.

Soft BREXIT would be catastrophic, I would rather stay IN!


No deal BREXIT wouldn't be the end of days...

This would allow the UK to trade freely with the rest of the world and forge new relationships and rekindle old ones.

This is the most feared scenario, but I feel it should be embraced, a fresh start - short term pain for long term advantage. The UK could be on the path to becoming a Global Free Trading Powerhouse.

At the moment we cannot sign independent trade deals with third countries and if we opt for a soft BREXIT we will continue to be restricted.

Saying all that...

Hard BREXIT resulting in a bilateral Free Trade Agreement would be the option the UK Government should be angling for. In essence we get the best of both worlds, free trade with over 400 million people who we're already intertwined with and none of the awful institutions people voted to leave.

Hard BREXIT and Free Trade everybody is a winner.

The whole process is wildly complex and in all honesty, most people are thinking about their package deal to Benidorm in 2019 - not the Common Fisheries Policy.

Mitch William...


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