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  • Mitch William

Rashford, Saka and Sancho are LEGENDS!

Racism is an issue. I don't believe it's a systemic issue. I believe its a minor issue amplified through the press and social media. The UK is a population of roughly 67 million, the racist backlash post the Euro 2020 final was tiny in comparison to that of the overall populous.

However, that said. The aftermath has been terrible. When I saw that young man miss the last penalty, my thoughts were "poor boy". Race never even crossed my mind. I was gutted England had lost but happy about how far they'd got (I'm Scottish).

I don't think racism will ever die. There will always be a minority of non educated delinquent's who will seek to mentally or physically harm others because they are different.

The only thing we can do is have robust laws and fitting punishments and hopefully some day the hate will die!

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