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  • Mitch William

Racist State?

Racism is not a wide spread problem in the United Kingdom.

However, we must admit, that our history is a tad shadowy, as well as being great. The figures of recent debate, Rhodes, Drake, Colston etc etc... Were all products of their time and done great things, as well as things that would not be acceptable in today's world.

Instead of trying to erase them from history, we should tell their full story and use it as a lesson for us and future generations.

However, it would serve us well to remember, that slavery was not confined to white slave masters and black captives. It was much broader and much older than one cares to recognise.

The Barbery Slave trade was at its peak during the 15th and 16th centuries. At this time North African Slave Masters kidnapped and worked white slaves.

We should never erase history or forget parts of it, because it suits a particular narrative. Why is this slave trade never mentioned or recognised as an atrocity by the media or the general masses?

I find today's racism debate slightly tedious. If you were only to listen to one source, you'd be led to believe, that only white people are racist and only black people are oppressed.

In today's United Kingdom, that is a complete falsehood. Racism is minimal throughout the UK. But, all sides play their own part.

Some people call the UK institutionally racist. I disagree!

If the UK was such a big bad racist institution... Why do we all cheer for Anthony Joshua?

One in ten of the MP's elected to Westminster, at the last election are non-white. Surely, if the UK was a RACIST STATE, parliament would be 100% white?

I think we need to take a look at ourselves and understand that the racial tensions which exist in the USA, do not reflect the UK, to call modern day Great Britain RACIST, is a joke!

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