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  • Mitch William

Queen and Country

Theresa May is adamant that her deal must pass!

We're told if it fails, No BREXIT is more likely than No DEAL!

As a LEAVE voter, I think No BREXIT is better than her DEAL! However, my preferred method of EU departure, would be an orderly WTO No Deal Exit.

May's DEAL effectively makes the UK a Colony of the EU. Subservient to all rules and regulations old and new with no voice at the decision making table!

EU Chiefs have today, tried to reassure us, that the Back Stop is merely a temporary arrangement. However, we would need mutual agreement from the EU in order for the Back Stop to come to an end.

That's unacceptable, the UK could be a Vassal State for the foreseeable future!

Westminster is FAILING the UK and casting doubt over democracy #MayMustGo

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