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  • Mitch William

Quarantine at the UK Border?

Scotland and Wales have added Portugal to their quarantine list. However, England has not. Whats to stop a family from Cardiff or Glasgow booking a flight from Bristol or Manchester and evading the regional quarantine?

The authorities do not have the capability to chase matters like these.

The UK should abandon 4 tier quarantine lists, not in favour of a single UK policy, abandon the quarantine lists altogether!!!

Every individual on a flight, ship or train arriving in the United Kingdom should be taken to a border facility, tested and held for 24hrs until analysis is carried out.

If they're all clear, great! If not, then they should be ordered to quarantine and be escorted to a Government sanctioned quarantine zone staffed by the military.

Coronavirus has brought the world to it's knees, we need tough measures, or we potentially face a more damaging 2nd wave this winter!

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