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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Anjem Choudary, born in London, 1967.

We can't deport him, there is no where we can deport him too. He is British!

Any terrorism related crime should be punished by at least life in prison. Yet, he has been freed early on license. Even though the Security Services see him as a major threat!

Just over half the Muslim population of Great Britain feel, that they want to fully integrate with our society. However, just under half would not report a fellow Muslim to the Police for links to ISIS and 26% do not believe extremism actually exists!

Does that mean 26% see extremism as permissible Islamic practice?

By 2050, the British Muslim population is set to rocket to 13.5 million. Are our Politicians neglecting the realm? Donald Trump got harangued when he suggested banning Muslim immigration!

But, imagine half of 13.5 Million people not respecting your culture or values?

Is the UK sleepwalking into catastrophe? Blindly thinking that everything is rosy and nothing will change and we'll all live happily ever after!

There are 20 thousand people on the UK Terror Watch List... 20 Thousand! That figure is MEGA! We as a Nation have serious problems and these problems will only get worse!

The Government must take action, before its too late!

Human Rights and our values are being used against us. Our triumphs as a nation maybe what perils it. Is it time to introduce a 2 tier system?

Perhaps, we should take a leaf out of the American book? #GuantanamoBay

North Rona Island, Quarantine the extremists!

Arrest the Extremists, deport who can be deported! Those who cannot be deported and are actively working against the UK and it's values, ship them to North Rona Island! Strip the Island of any means to build an escape raft. Erect prefabricated shelter's. Air drop Halal rations and water supplies on a weekly basis.

Patrol the perimeter of the island with Naval Reserves and keep a close eye with the latest spy tech. Extreme measures for an extreme circumstance.

20 Thousand people on the UK Terror Watch List, all monitored by the Security Services!

The North Rona Island proposal would be cheaper for the tax payer, safer for the populous and easier for the Security Services!

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