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  • Mitch William

Pull up the Draw Bridge

It would appear, that since March the UK Government has achieved the square route of absolutely nothing. Lock down here, lock down there, have a Great Christmas to Christmas is canned.

Ireland, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands have banned flights to and from the UK. And I'm sure more nations will soon follow suit.

I'm not an expert on virus control. But, I do have an opinion. I think all flights should be grounded, we're an island, pull up the draw bridge until the entire populous is vaccinated.

Lockdowns only work for the period of the lockdown, so they're pointless, they destroy businesses and the lives of people affected. The % of people whom are now scunnered with the whole thing is rising, people are questioning authority more and more, and I'm not sure how the Police can enforce new measures without a public backlash.

At least there's an end in sight, hopefully by summer, this will all be over. Lets hope we can last that long!

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