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£50Billion BREXIT?

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The UK Government has signalled it will pay a whopping £50Billion Divorce bill to the European Union.

If we are due money for existing and future commitments then fine.

But, this money should be conditional on the UK receiving a fair Trade Deal Post BREXIT?

After all the UK has been the 2nd Largest Net Contributor to the European Union for almost 4 decades.

So some may feel we have paid enough in already.

If there is no favourable Trade Deal on the table, we should keep our £50Billion and slash our Corporate Tax.

The EU must formulate a more pro active meaningful approach, at the moment - we are only receiving threats with deadlines.

We are neighbours, we must seek to be cordial or everything can and will fall to bits very, very quickly...

Mitch William...


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