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  • Mitch William

Protect Our Heritage

If a black person kills a white person, it's classed as a murder and no one really bats an eye lid. However, if a white person kills a black person, suddenly it's a race hate matter and everything white is bad and racist.

I think people forget, that racism fly's in every direction, it's not a white problem.

George Floyd was killed in America, and Black Lives Matter have declared war on British Culture. They've declared war on the most tolerant nation of the world.


And what makes it worse, is they're more or less getting away with it.

It's time to treat them as they treat our heritage, with contempt. They want to abolish the police and our system whilst erasing our history.

For the next round of protests, Army Infantry Units and Commando Units should be deployed in full riot gear to protect our monuments. The only way to beat the mob, is to play them at there own game and crush them.

#BlackLivesMatter But, this organisation is using that slogan to further a very dangerous political narrative, appeasement won't be enough, action must be taken!

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