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  • Mitch William

Post Empire Greatness!

The Remainiacs are constantly throwing power words at us, such as "Catastrophe" & "Disaster" whilst referencing the BREXIT process.

However, I've noticed a couple of things. They never fully explain their explosive comments and when they offer a solution, they misrepresent the facts and their proposal's always lead to the UK remaining! #PeoplesVote

Would it be a disaster to join the Trans Pacific Partnership?

11 countries with a combined population of 500m, contributing 14% of goods and services worldwide?

Would it be catastrophic if Canada and the UK joined Australia and New Zealand in their already existing alliance?

How catastrophic would it be, if the UK had bilateral free trade with the USA and China? Plus a Free Trade Deal with the EU whilst striving for a Commonwealth Free Trade Pact?

The disaster politician's, who come across as clueless, seem bought and paid for! They are an embarrassment to the British state! Demanding a #PeoplesVote, as if they were robbed of their lolly pops by the big bad working class!

Wake up and see the opportunity!

The UK could become a free trading power house! Reverse the decline and increase global influence through the opportunities that BREXIT provides!

Let's not scupper Britain's only chance, at post empire greatness!

Mitch William...

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