• Mitch William

Post BREXIT Prospects!

"Defence will be pivotal, in reinforcing Britain's role as an outward looking nation"

Is Gavin Williamson the best Defence Secretary of recent times or is he a crazy?

He wants Great Britain, to be:

"ready when necessary, to use hard power, to support our global interests"

Britain's Global military presence is due to increase. I think its time, the UK forged a military pact based on NATO and aligned to NATO with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. #CANZUK

These 3 countries all want free trade with the UK, our Armed Forces already work together and we share a head of state!

It's the perfect set up for an alliance... People don't want another EU!

But, a CANZUK Alliance based on Free Trade, Military cooperation and a shared parliamentary system with the same head of state could work. Each country could remain in full control of its borders and laws.

A family of 4 equal nations working as a single entity on the world stage?


It's the only way the UK will be free to re-explore the world!

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