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Post BREXIT Blues

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

The European Union’s forced fun approach at squeezing incompatible nations together over the best part of half a century clearly isn’t working and the vision is broken.

If every EU Nation had a referendum tomorrow, the Union would shrink dramatically and possibly fracture uncontrollably…

A forceful, undemocratic approach at centralising powers from the nation state over the years is the only way it could be done and was successful until the 23 June 2016.

If the UK is not defeated into a 2nd Referendum, which may well happen, question being:

New Deal or Remain?

The UK should focus on kick starting old ties with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Dubbed the CANZUK Alliance in diplomatic circles due to the similarities and shared heritage.

These nations share a Head of State, with compatible legal systems, parliamentary systems and of course a common language.

No one is saying mimic the EU, because the EU is folly and false.

Free Trade, Free Movement, a Military Alliance, a Foreign Policy and a CANZUK Council.

No Commission, No Parliament, No Bureaucracy!!!

Currently these 4 nations, are set to become 2nd rate regional players but, with a CANZUK Alliance, the organisation can and will become a major global power.

The CANZUK Alliance could be the building blocks for Greater Commonwealth Cooperation, Extending in to Commonwealth Realm Free Trade and eventually leading to a Commonwealth of Nations Free Trade Block.

#FreeTradingPowerHouse #ThinkGlobal #NewPackageDeals

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