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  • Mitch William

Poppies Under Siege!

Cambridge University Students Union voted to drop "Poppies", the phrase "British War Veterans" and the word "Remembrance" in an attempt to make Remembrance Sunday more inclusive in a manner that would reflect the international make up of the University!

Spotty Snowflakes with rich parentals! Who do they think they are?

Apparently the Poppy glorifies war?

The Poppy is the symbol of remembrance, lest we forget! It's a stark reminder of the reality and consequence of war.

I don't see it as a call to arms. If anything the Poppy is a powerful reminder that war is lose lose in many aspects!

The Poppy is inclusive, it celebrates Commonwealth Troops as well as native Brits!

These fluffy fairy trumpets, are missing something in their lives, I think it might be NATIONAL SERVICE! 100 years on from the Great War, bring back National Service in order to instil respect and discipline upon the snowflake generation!

And it gets worse!

British Transport Police, have banned the rank and file from displaying Poppies on their Police vehicles. The apparent reason being, there are too many charities and they don't want to show favouritism?

Poppies are the ultimate symbol of remembrance and respect! Police chiefs should fully understand and appreciate it's purpose!

100 years on from the Great War and now the Poppy is under attack! what next?

Mitch William...

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