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  • Mitch William

Policing is Criminal?

95% of people polled by The Daily Debate agree that "Tactical Contact" (Shunting a vehicle in chase) is acceptable!

It's essential, that the Police have the right to halt dangerous pursuits with "Tactical Contact"

However, it's now come to light, that a Metropolitan Police Officer is under criminal investigation due to the use of "Tactical Contact" ...

We cannot criminalise the Police for Policing, that's insane!

The Police have to employ a tough approach when necessary. Especially if we expect them to maintain order.

If they end up under investigation, for keeping civilians safe and doing their job, they'll inevitably begin to question their actions which will result in an impotent Police Force!

I'm not saying the Police are perfect! But, they must be allowed to do their job and its not always fluffy! #DropTheInvestigation

What do you think?

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