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  • Mitch William

Pointless Protests

As we all know, ex-convict "Gentle Giant" George Floyd, sadly passed away at the hands of the Minnesota Police Department. A terrible occurrence, which took place 1000's of miles away.

Yet, people in London, took it upon themselves to protest and vandalise the War Memorial at Whitehall, and when troops were cleaning away the mess, they were berated by onlookers.

More protests are scheduled to take place throughout the UK this weekend.

My question is why?

The USA and the UK are very close allies and in some ways very similar. But, in other ways we're worlds apart. The racial tensions that exist in the USA do not reflect the UK.

I've been told, that the British System is RACIST. But, when I look around, I see lots of successful Pakistani, Indian, South East Asian and Black people. If the system is indeed racist, then it has failed and that should be a cause for celebration?

Instead of protesting against UK Police and the UK Government (Which have zero to do with American Law and Order), people should hold candle light vigils in solidarity with our american friends, nice and peaceful, that would have a far greater effect.

It appears to me, that the Black Lives Matter movement, won't be happy until they control every aspect of life. Most of their followers appear to be ill-informed or in it just for the riot!

Due to the chaos, Leah Francis, AKA Keith Lemon, has come out and apologised for including black people in his satirical TV show, Bo Selecta... Is it now RACIST to satirise black people?

I think it should be deemed racist, to focus on ones ethnicity, rather than the reason their character is being used for a comedy sketch?

We can't let the mob win, for instance Bo Selecta had more white personalities being slated than black, so why the apology? Next, you'll be RACIST for simply not getting on with someone, it's barmy and it needs to be addressed!

I've never heard of "Indian Lives Matter" or "Pakistani Lives Matter" so why do I keep hearing about "Black Lives Matter"? and why are they protesting an American crime in the UK whilst attempting to hold the British Authorities to account?

#AllLivesMatter #PointlessProtests #WeLoveGB

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