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  • Mitch William

Pimlico Academy

Since when do School Children dictate School Policy?

The Head Teacher of Pimlico Academy has removed the Union Flag pending review due to a student walk out, protesting at the union flag and the uniforms policy.

"Last September, a Union flag erected outside the school was also ripped down and set alight by pupils, according to The Guardian, while the walls of the academy were also vandalised with graffiti over the weekend, with messages including “ain’t no black in the Union Jack".

This country must stand up for it's flag, it's heritage and it's culture. We cannot allow our national heritage to be eroded by immigration and easily influenced natives. We do not need to change, and anyone whom thinks we do need to change, should simply leave.

The United Kingdom is one of the most welcoming nations on earth. However, our heritage and culture should not be a casualty of diversity.

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