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  • Mitch William

Parliamentary Consensus is IMPOSSIBLE!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Mays Government survived the confidence vote! The DUP saved the day and Corbyn is still playing politics with Britain's future!

Parliamentary consensus on BREXIT is impossible!

Parliament voted the deal down, it was an alliance of convenience for the evening...

There's roughly 5 separate BREXIT plans creeping around Westminster from all parties, but few parties are united.

The parties in unison want a new vote!

Cross party talks have begun. However, Corbyn is playing hard ball, clearly still chasing his general election, albeit without a unified Labour plan!

Its simple, no one can agree!

An extension of article 50 is likely! No Deal or a 2nd Vote are stern possibilities!

Parliament won't work together. They'd rather rip us apart whilst basking in their own egos!

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