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  • Mitch William

Parliament VS The People

Parliament, quite rightly, voted the current deal down 3 times. However, they then failed to reach a consensus on a number of approaches through a series of votes.

Now they're trying their level best to stop no deal occurring through a series of legal challenges.

I'd say, they need to make their minds up!

However, it's clear that their agenda is to stop BREXIT. They're now floating the potential of another 6 month extension, weakening the negotiating hand of the Prime Minister and making No Deal even more likely.

People voted for 1 of 2 simple options, Remain or Leave. we were continually told, that would be it, we would be out if the result was LEAVE!

However, parliament seems to know better than the people. Can the people really argue with the likes of Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry?

I'd say yes, due to their incompetence and more to the fact, that the people gave parliament an instruction and to ignore that democratic decision, is an affront to democracy!

We do not need a withdrawal agreement, we should have been working on a Free Trade Agreement. If No Deal comes, I welcome the opportunities and the exciting times ahead!

Parliament doe's not have the right to fight democracy masking their actions as being democratic, they are an embarrassment!

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